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Saturday, October 20, 2018



  1. No More Fairy Tales, Armoring up!
    10 Jan, 2019
    No More Fairy Tales, Armoring up!
    Arm Up A Yoga Sequence for Spiritual Warfare A Letter to Jimi Hendrix Dear Jimi, I know why you wrote, “excuse me while I kiss the sky.” You were telling us to look up from the depths of fear. For so much of your life you were on the run, trying to escape a fate you could fight only in your lyrics. You wrote them off, all those mountains of challenges.  You chopped them down with the side of your guitar when you played, singing about all that you wished to do and be. Well, Jimi, you didn’t
  2. Saucha Clean
    04 Jan, 2019
    Saucha Clean
    Yoga’s Gift for the New Year! Saucha, the principal of cleanliness The New Year sparks an energy and excitement for new beginnings. Let’s capitalize on this spark by exploring the Niyamas, one of the eight limbs of yoga. A tree is used to symbolize foundational concepts of yoga referred to as limbs or branches. One of the eight concepts, the Niyamas lists principals as written by Yoga pioneer Patanjali. His concept of cleanliness is the discipline he prescribes to live a life of order,
  3. Look To The Stars
    21 Dec, 2018
    Look To The Stars
    Need some inspiration for your practice?  Look to the stars. Stars have been inspiring people for generations. The Magi, for example peered into the midnight sky seeing a star, shining in the east!  They traveled in search of a king.  Kings and stars have been connected for millennia for example the Ethiopian king  Cepheus the namesake of a constellation that displays a commanding presence, remaining a shining star in a collection of mythological wonders. Greek and Roman Gods took the names
  4. Frankincense And Low Lunge To Celebrate The Season
    12 Dec, 2018
    Frankincense And Low Lunge To Celebrate The Season
    Celebrate the Season With Frankincense and Low Lunge This is the time of the year when Frankincense rises in popularity. Taking the time to review the origins and purpose of its usage adds to the festive high spirits of the holidays. In addition, a touch of Frankincense to the forehead during practice, particularly in the Low Lunge, contributes to a heightened experienced when practicing yoga. So where does Frankincense come from anyway? Frankincense is an oil extracted from trees grown on
  5. Warrior Poses For Warfare
    06 Dec, 2018
    Warrior Poses For Warfare
    Warrior Poses for Spiritual Warfare Ever tried to accomplish a goal and no matter how hard you tried, there were always obstacles and opposition standing in your way? With all the best intentions at times, there seems to be an unseen force working against us. For some its depression holding a person hostage, preventing them from getting out the house, out of fear and anxiety. For others, it’s a physical pain, both, can restrict the functionality of a person’s life. Spiritual Warfare forces
  6. Warming the Body, Mind and Soul
    27 Nov, 2018
    Warming the Body, Mind and Soul
    Warming the Body, Mind and Soul Preparing for Winter Body Helpful hints for practicing yoga on those cold winter days. Remember to take your yoga mat out of the car. No one likes a freezing mat at the beginning of practice. Taking off coats, hats, boots and everything else we wear to keep warm takes time. Leave a few minutes early for class so that you don’t have to rush unlike when it’s warmer and you can run in and slide off your flip flops. During the winter, dry skin presents more of a
  7. A Search of Inner Peace
    19 Nov, 2018
    A Search of Inner Peace
    A Search For Inner Peace 5 Sacred Sites in Ethiopia  Meditation cultivates the need to grow spiritually and with each “shavasana” experienced at the closing of a yoga practice, its impact becomes more apparent. In search of a spiritual awakening, a deep yearning to make a pilgrimage, to travel to a foreign place burns within. Instead of the more popular Indian or Tibetan destination, a trip to Ethiopia may prove to be just as sacred and meaningful. In this pursuit of becoming our better
  8. Healing Brokenness
    11 Nov, 2018
    Healing Brokenness
    Healing Brokenness When I’m sad, or when I mourn, you can find me balled up on the floor. The pain is so great that all I can do is lay there with my knees closed in towards my chest. In what’s called, “child pose,” I’m using my body to express how I feel. By using positions that we naturally assume, Yoga offers a way to release emotions that are buried deep; allowing for an unspoken release.  The practice of yoga lightens the load, confirming its multi-faceted fitness of the mind, body and
  9. Coptic Mantras- Pressing Away From Sickness
    03 Nov, 2018
    Coptic Mantras- Pressing Away From Sickness
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