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Friday, October 07, 2016



  1. Universal Truth
    21 Mar, 2019
    Universal Truth
    Universal Truth  The philosophical question, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” brings to light a curiosity that leads to two answers. One being, “no” the tree doesn’t make a sound because there’s no one   there to hear it and “yes” the tree does make a sound, it’s simply unable to be captured by the ears of someone listening, thusly describing the concept of universal truth. Regardless of our ability to perceive it, truth in a universal
  2. Zera Yacob and Patanjali Answer
    13 Mar, 2019
    Zera Yacob and Patanjali Answer
    God, are you still there? Answers from Zera Yacob & Patanjali Sixteenth century philosopher Zera Yacob presents the question: “Whom am I praying to or is there a God who listens to me?  At this thought, I was invaded by dead full sadness and I said: ‘In vain have I kept my own heart pure (as David says). Later on, I thought of the words of the same David, ‘Is the inventor of the ear unable to hear? Taken from Yacob’s Treatise or “Hatata”, the excerpt pointedly uncovers doubts that in our
  3. The Museum of the Bible
    09 Mar, 2019
    The Museum of the Bible
    Museum of the Bible It took me a while, but I made it there... When the Museum of the Bible opened in 2017, I admit, I had my reservations, especially with its ultra Conservative contributors, such as the family run- business Hobby Lobby. I assumed that its contents would be white washed, unknowingly or intentionally omitting the biblical history of countries outside of Europe. I was shockingly surprised to find diversity, with touch screen commanded video footage displaying the process of
  4. Letting Go of Getting Back
    05 Mar, 2019
    Letting Go of Getting Back
    Resisting Retaliation Gudit and Kali Have you ever felt like getting back at someone for something they did to you? We’ve been taking revenge since the beginning of time, the emotion, age old. Opening the history vaults, past figures offer stories that paint the regretful picture of revenge. Queen Gudit and Kali both demonstrate the consequences of giving people what we think they deserve. Gudit Ethiopian Queen Gudit leaves behind a legacy marked in the charred ceilings of churches in
  5. Celebrating Each Victory, Remembering Taytu Betu
    26 Feb, 2019
    Celebrating Each Victory, Remembering Taytu Betu
    Celebrating Each Victory Remembering Empress Taytu Betu The month of March celebrates the accomplishments of women who have been victorious over the obstacles of gender discrimination. Our recent 2019 Oscar ceremonies honored a record number of women who thrive in a male dominated field. Women are finally being recognized for the contributions made to society. Though from the beginning of time, women have always been the driving force of change. In homage to the work of today's great female
  6. Silence is Golden
    20 Feb, 2019
    Silence is Golden
    Silence is Golden   In celebration of the Eucharist, before entering the Ethiopian Coptic church, the priest will silently say a series of Psalms. Words of wisdom and praise, the Psalms are a source of peaceful inspiration, for example when it records the ways of God, stating, “Every morning I will put to silence all the wicked in the land.” In silence the Most High delivers us from the noise of the world. Silence is the loudest sound on stage, I was taught and with it the actor can grab
  7. Black Faces in India
    15 Feb, 2019
    Black Faces in India
    Black Faces in India People are becoming more aware of the need to be diverse in their thinking. Yearbooks of prestigious universities have become a source of record of institutionalized racism. Because of its subconscious nature, eradicating racism has become a lengthy process that involves true self-reflection and actualization. The privileged are not entitled to mock the less privileged when God made us all. Accept the value of people regardless of the color of their skin. Everyone has
  8. Feed. Love. Good.
    07 Feb, 2019
    Feed. Love. Good.
    Love Yourself, so you can love the one you’re with! During this season of Love, its important to remember that to give love you must have love in your heart!  Keeping your heart and thus body in “mint” condition is necessary!   To do this, we must be mindful of what we put in our bodies. Ethiopian vs. Mediterranean Diet  In the practice of Yoga, one of the main areas of focus given is towards a person’s diet. Yoga’s ayurvedic principals heralds the adage, “eating to live instead of living
  9. What would you do for love?
    30 Jan, 2019
    What would you do for love?
    What would you do for love? Fasting For Compassion Anahata The symbol for the Anahata Chakra is the heart which houses the most powerful force created. Centered at the chest on the body, it is imagined to be a wheel turning as if a mill spun by a current of love churning compassion. Caregivers, teachers, nurses, therapists and clergy require an added need to shine their hearts, drawing from a reservoir of loving energy. Everyone benefits from hearts with more love; therefore, we will