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Tuesday, March 05, 2019



  1. Heaven and Nirvana
    18 Apr, 2019
    Heaven and Nirvana
    Nirvana and Heaven What's the difference? The heat of pain radiates within your body and soul and the thirst for coolness is quenched, this is the state of Nirvana. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism all are faiths that hold Nirvana in the highest regard seeing it as the ultimate existence in consciousness. Reaching Nirvana frees the soul from reincarnation, meaning no longer would the body need to continue a cycle of lifetimes lived, revolving like the spinning of a wheel.  Nirvana is directed
  2. Miracles Still Happen
    09 Apr, 2019
    Miracles Still Happen
    In Days of Persecution… Miracles Still Happen As Christians are targeted with violence throughout the world, specifically in West Africa, allow me to share an event, according to that proves there’s still hope in a fallen world. Seventy-two Moslems who converted to Christianity were captured by Boko Haram militants preparing to put them to death by rounds of bullets. The choice given the captives was to abandon their faith, renouncing Lord Jesus as their Savior or to prepare
  3. Rasselas and the Quest for Contentment
    03 Apr, 2019
    Rasselas and the Quest for Contentment
    Rasselas and the Quest for Contentment Finding Santosha after Nipsy’s Murder. Santosha, the Sanskrit term for complete satisfaction, one of Patanjali’s Nyamas, or principals symbolized as a branch in the tree of life bearing the philosophy of yoga can be easily interpreted as “happiness,” and its pursuit. Santosha according to yogic thought cannot be obtained by the attachment to things or people but rather is achieved by solemn self-actualization. In theory, this sounds very convincing.
  4. The Art of Holding the Pose
    27 Mar, 2019
    The Art of Holding the Pose
    The Art of Holding a Pose  and the Legend of Saint Tekle Haimanot Holding a Pose in Practice Especially in Yin Yoga, poses are often held for periods of time ranging from 2-5 minutes, with the intention that in holding the pose, the body is given time to ease into the position reaching its limits. While in a pose for a prolonged period, the mind may wander from noticing the dis-ease of the pose into deeper thought. Though yoga is different for everyone, a truly personal experience, there are
  5. Universal Truth
    21 Mar, 2019
    Universal Truth
    Universal Truth  The philosophical question, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” brings to light a curiosity that leads to two answers. One being, “no” the tree doesn’t make a sound because there’s no one   there to hear it and “yes” the tree does make a sound, it’s simply unable to be captured by the ears of someone listening, thusly describing the concept of universal truth. Regardless of our ability to perceive it, truth in a universal
  6. Zera Yacob and Patanjali Answer
    13 Mar, 2019
    Zera Yacob and Patanjali Answer
    God, are you still there? Answers from Zera Yacob & Patanjali Sixteenth century philosopher Zera Yacob presents the question: “Whom am I praying to or is there a God who listens to me?  At this thought, I was invaded by dead full sadness and I said: ‘In vain have I kept my own heart pure (as David says). Later on, I thought of the words of the same David, ‘Is the inventor of the ear unable to hear? Taken from Yacob’s Treatise or “Hatata”, the excerpt pointedly uncovers doubts that in our
  7. The Museum of the Bible
    09 Mar, 2019
    The Museum of the Bible
    Museum of the Bible It took me a while, but I made it there... When the Museum of the Bible opened in 2017, I admit, I had my reservations, especially with its ultra Conservative contributors, such as the family run- business Hobby Lobby. I assumed that its contents would be white washed, unknowingly or intentionally omitting the biblical history of countries outside of Europe. I was shockingly surprised to find diversity, with touch screen commanded video footage displaying the process of
  8. Celebrating Each Victory, Remembering Taytu Betu
    26 Feb, 2019
    Celebrating Each Victory, Remembering Taytu Betu
    Celebrating Each Victory Remembering Empress Taytu Betu The month of March celebrates the accomplishments of women who have been victorious over the obstacles of gender discrimination. Our recent 2019 Oscar ceremonies honored a record number of women who thrive in a male dominated field. Women are finally being recognized for the contributions made to society. Though from the beginning of time, women have always been the driving force of change. In homage to the work of today's great female
  9. Silence is Golden
    20 Feb, 2019
    Silence is Golden
    Silence is Golden   In celebration of the Eucharist, before entering the Ethiopian Coptic church, the priest will silently say a series of Psalms. Words of wisdom and praise, the Psalms are a source of peaceful inspiration, for example when it records the ways of God, stating, “Every morning I will put to silence all the wicked in the land.” In silence the Most High delivers us from the noise of the world. Silence is the loudest sound on stage, I was taught and with it the actor can grab